Little scientists depend on you 

Welcome back! 

As the doors re-open, and visitors come back, great care is being taken to reduce the chance of viral spreading. For some, it still may not be safe to return to public spaces like the science centre.

If you care about science and the future of Calgary though, you may want to donate so someone else can attend. Science centres have inspired legions of scientists working in Canada right now to protect us and the planet. 

You could inspire the next young scientist to find the vaccines we'll need in the future. 

A gift of $50 goes a long way to opening doors to the powerful world of science. The future thanks you. 

Donations of $20 or more per year will receive a charitable tax receipt. Tax receipts are issued in December. 


Gifting securities

To facilitate the donation of securities, Spark uses the assistance of Canada Helps for reputable, secure transfers. 


Science matters now, more than ever.

100% of donations made to TELUS Spark, the Calgary science centre, are directed to science education programming that inspires future generations of scientists. 

Spark's charitable business number is 118781079 RR 0001