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Access Program

Financial hardship should not be a barrier for anyone to explore the powerful world of science!

To ensure the ticket price is not a barrier to access for underserved populations, Spark operates an access program that supports students, families and individuals requiring financial assistance to enter Calgary’s science centre. Through community partnerships, Spark warmly welcomes thousands with free passes, subsidized school programs and reduced rates. Six specialized programs are all designed to ensure that everyone can benefit from the hands-on educational experiences that a science centre has to offer.

These programs include:

• Not-for-Profit Partnerships with approximately 58 social service agencies that provide general admission to more than 16,000 Calgarians each year.

• School Board Partnerships with Calgary Board of Education, the Calgary Catholic School District and Stoney Education Authority, that provide subsidized school programs and bussing for underserved schools identified by the boards. 

• Summer Camperships that provide free access for a week at camp to students identified through the school board partnerships.

Not-for-Profit Partnerships, School Board Partnerships and Summer Camperships are made possible with the generous support of Crescent Point Energy.

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• Spark is also part of the Fair Entry Program, operated by the City of Calgary, offering 75% off to recreation facilities and attractions for low-income residents in the program.

• New Canadians are welcome at the science centre through a partnership with the Institute of Canadian Citizenship, in which every new citizen can use an app for one year called Canoo, for free admission to museums, science centres and art galleries. 

• People with a permanent disability can bring a support person for free through Spark’s participation in the Easter Seals Access 2 program.

Spark, Calgary’s science centre, is for everyone.