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Global Soundscapes

Mission to Record the Earth

Immerse yourself in the amazing sounds of our planet!

Through giant screen images, surround sound, and live presentation, Global Soundscapes takes you on an ear-opening journey into the science of sound and the emerging field of soundscape ecology.

Embark on a mission to investigate the dramatic soundscapes of Costa Rica’s rainforests, Hawaii’s coral reefs, and Mongolia’s vast grasslands.

-Learn about the tools that scientists use to record and analyze sounds.
-Explore basic acoustics through interactive activities and incredible slow-motion footage of pulsating musical instruments, vibrating vocal chords, and slobbering “raspberries.”
-Discover what soundscapes tell us about the health of our planet.

With Global Soundscapes’ unique format — combining giant screen images, surround sound, and live presentation — you’ll hear the Earth in a whole new way!

60 minutes