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Being Human

Are you courageous enough to lie on a Bed of Nails?

What gets your heart racing? What do you look like when you're startled? Take a drink from a toilet. Make a memory. Explore your body at a microscopic level. Be human.

Though all human beings have nearly identical DNA, each of us is unique. Being Human connects your one-of-a-kind personal experiences to fascinating science about who we are.

Discover the most fascinating people on Earth - you, your friends and your family. In the fall of 2016, ten new exhibits were added to the Being Human gallery. Check them out on your next visit:

    • Bed of Nails: Test your resolve and overcome your fears by lying down on a Bed of Nails.
    • Sip of Conflict: Take a drink from a toilet
    • Surprise!: Discover what you look like when you're startled
    • Seeing Change: Tell the difference between two very similar photos
    • Blown Away: Step into gale-force winds
    • Heart Beat: Physically see your heart rate beat out on a drum
    • The Water in You: See how much water is inside of you
    • Ah-choo: Take a peek, open the doors and get sneezed on
    • Micro Eye: Explore the wonders of your body at a microscopic level
    • Illusion: Take a look at some mind-bending optical illusions

Sponsored by CNOOC North America.