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Grades 4 to 6

Treat your students to WOW!

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For Grades 4 to 6

Spark offers a number of workshops for your field trip and welcome groups with multiple classes. Each experience is booked for a 30 student maximum to ensure program quality and accessibility.

Larger groups will be encouraged to book a second workshop. Prices are per class. Grades 4 & 5 are exclusive of any applicable GST. One complimentary teacher admission is included. In addition, chaperones will also receive complimentary admission. Chaperone ratio is 1 per 5 students. Additional chaperones will be charged an admission fee. Student must remain with supervising adults at all times when visiting TELUS Spark. 

PLEASE NOTE: All school bookings during the duration of BODY WORLDS: ANIMAL INSIDE OUT (October 2019 - March 2020) will be subject to an additional $4 per student. 

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Grade 4

Shadow Puppet Production

  • 90 min | $270
  • Light and Shadows, Testing Materials and Designs
  • Creativity and Innovation, Communication and Collaboration

Explore the fundamental principles of light, colour and shadow through experimentation and puppetry. Students will author, create and direct their own story lines for this production.


Grade 4

Machine Makers

  • 60 min | $245
  • Wheels and Levers, Building Devices and Vehicles that Move
  • Creative Thinking; Systems Thinking

Students will create their own mechanical device using cams, gears and axles, discovering how motion can be transferred and transformed as they build their own simple machines.


Grade 4

UPDATED! Water Filters

  • 60 min | $245
  • Waste and Our World, Testing Materials and Designs
  • Critical Thinking; Problem Solving

Students will work in teams to tackle water quality issues by designing, building, testing and assessing their own filtration systems built out of raw materials and tested using water quality sensors.


Grade 4-6

Science of Mental Health

  • 120 mins | $395

The last frontier of science – our brains! In this highly interactive workshop students engage with technology and our exhibits to learn about the how the brain works and mental health. Students go on an exploratory journey in our Being Human gallery as well as using biosensors and iPads to understand their own reactions to positive and negative stress and use simple techniques to help their brain be the best it can be.

Developed in partnership with leading experts in mental health, this workshop was created with the support of Alberta Health Services, Calgary Board of Education, Calgary Separate School Division, Rocky View Schools, Palix Foundation, University of Calgary, Morneau Sheppell and the Ministry of Community and Social Services.  


Grade 4-6

UPDATED! Solar Power Invention

  • 120 min | $395
  • Building Devices and Vehicles that Move, Mechanisms Using Electricity, Electricity and Magnetism

Get inventing using photovoltaic cells! Students learn the science of photovoltaic cells and how they harness the power of the sun. Then get ready – it’s prototype time!  Students will create their own inventions using this renewable energy source. Students become innovators as they learn how to use design thinking to creatively solve problems. Students use solar panels, motors and more to bring their ideas to life!


Grades 4-6

Math In Motion: Fractions And Space

Available on Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • 60 min | $245
  • Math - Numbers, Patterns and Relations, Shape and Space
  • Physical Education-Basic Skills- Locomotor, Non-locomotor and Manipulative

Imagine your classmates were points on a graph. How would you translate their shape? How would you reflect their shape? TELUS Spark and Decidedly Jazz Danceworks have teamed up to create a total unique learning experience. Working with fractions and translations, students will dance their way through fun math challenges. In partnership with DJD:


Grades 4-6

Action, Reaction Contraption

  • 90 min | $270
  • Building Things with a Variety of Materials, Testing Materials and Designs, Wheels and Levers
  • Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking

Design, build and test elements of your very own Chain Reaction Machine. Challenge your students with hands-on science, technology and engineering concepts and skills in this creative and collaborative workshop.


Grade 5

Mix It

  • 60 min | $245
  • Classroom Chemistry
  • Critical Thinking & Systems Thinking; Scientific Literacy

Students will become chemistry detectives by exploring and identifying several unknown but common substances. By designing their own experimental lab procedure, they will discover some of the fundamentals of chemistry.


Grade 5

Wetland Inquiry

Outdoor Program - Dress Accordingly

  • 90 mins | $270
  • Wetland Ecosystems, Weather Watch
  • Systems Thinking, Environmental Literacy
Grade 5

Sparking Circuits

  • 60 min | $245
  • Electricity and Magnetism, Mechanisms Using Electricity
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Students explore the fundamentals of electrical circuits and discover many of the basic principles underlying our modern world through the use of simple electrical components.


Grade 6

Under Pressure

  • 50 min | $245
  • Air and Aerodynamics

In this one-of-a-kind live demonstration students go on an interactive journey to experience the awe-inspiring power of air!  Students get engaged as they come face-to-face with the effects of sticky effect vacuums, the crushing effect of temperature, the explosive effects of air under extreme pressurization and much more!


Grade 6

Looking Up In Wonder

  • 90 min | $270
  • Sky Science
  • Creativity and Innovation, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Scientific Literacy

What compels us to look to the sky and wonder? Using the immersive nature of our Digistar 5 planetarium students will take a journey through the sky to distant moons and planets while becoming more familiar with our solar system and its place in the known universe.