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Direct From the Operating Room

Have your students experience a front row seat to a live surgery in these interactive programs! 

Watch as students are enthralled with a close-up, guided view of the surgery from the surgical team of experts as they provide first-hand responses to your students' many questions. You'll be amazed by how much they will take away! 

DIRECT FROM THE OPERATING ROOM OPTIONS *Remote options available below 


  • Stay tuned for more offerings! 


  • $20 per student + GST (Min. 15 participants | Max. 150 participants)
  • Standard chaperone ratios apply (1:10)


  • Available for Grades 9 - 12


Surgeries begin at 8:00 AM and run for approximately 2 hours*

Both surgeries are streamed onto a 24-foot screen at Spark, filmed from multiple HD cameras and angles, equipped with microphones. Students will gain insight into many aspects of healthcare, including preventative medicine, anatomy, biomedical engineering, and careers in the field.

* Timings are subject to change as per the needs of the surgical team and patient.

Can’t make it to TELUS Spark? We'll come to you.

Remotely connect your classroom to our live knee replacement surgery experience. All you'll need is a webcam, computer, display screen and internet access. (Remote Access is subject to availability.)

Price: $305 + GST
Remote Access with question-and-answer interface; Max students: 30
Remote Access only; Max students: 50

Contact or more details.  


Participants acknowledge that patient safety is the priority, and that the Direct From the Operating Room experience is provided for learning purposes. TELUS Spark and AHS reserve the right to cancel a broadcast at any time to maintain patient safety. In this case refunds will not be provided.

Payment and Cancellations:  Changes or cancellations for the Direct from the Operating Room program need to be completed at least 12 business days prior to the scheduled visit. Any changes are subject to availability. The first change to a booking is free of charge. Subsequent changes will be charged a $25 administration fee. Cancellations within 12 business days of your visit or connection will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. School cheques can be mailed or accepted at our main information desk. Major credit cards will be accepted through our Call Centre. Full payment must be made 12 business days prior to your scheduled visit or connection.

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