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Spring Camps

Ages 5 - 7

All About Animals

Dates: March 23 - 27, 2020 | April 13 - 17, 2020 | $315

This camp is on the wild side! Learn about some of the world's most fascinating animals and what makes them special. Campers will build gliders to mimic flying squirrels, learn a new animal language, and much more!

Ages 5-7

Spark Science Superheroes

Dates: March 23-27 & April 13-17 | $315

Superpowers aren’t just for comic books. In this camp we’ll explore the many traits that make life super-powered including dog’s super hearing and smelling. Campers will also get the chance to meet animals with real superpowers and expand their abilities using IR cameras and building challenges.

Ages 8-10

Mission Projectile

Dates: March 23-27 & April 13-17 | $315

Prepare for BLAST OFF! Campers will design a variety of rockets and catapults and gliders to unpack engineering in an exciting way! 

Ages 8-10

Budding Botanists

Dates: March 23-27 & April 13-17 | $315

Spring is the time for growth so let’s learn about plants, flowers, and how to care for these complex creatures.

Ages 9-12

Fashion Design

Dates: March 23-27 & April 13-17 | $315

Campers this week can expect to discover the design, making, and technology behind fashion as they push boundaries and create surprising fashions from even more surprising materials.

Ages 10-12

Lego and Clay Stop Motion Animation | In partnership with Director's Cut

Dates: March 23-27 & April 13-17 | $315

Unleash your Inner Spielberg at The Director’s Cut. Using Lego and, or clay, you and your small film crew will create your own story lines, professionally design sets and characters using industry design tools and use cutting edge digital equipment to shoot and edit your original stop motion short.

Workshops promote science, technology, engineering, art and math and will engage all participants in shooting techniques, story development and editing skills that can be used to create content following the completion of the workshop. Family and friends will join you on the red carpet for a popcorn film festival on the final day of the workshop.


2020 Spring Camp Registrations will open soon!

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