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Live Knee Surgeries at Spark?!

February 18, 2020
Posted By: TELUS Spark


Zack is Spark's Director of Youth Programs and animal connoisseur ♦ It's true! Ask him why octopuses have three hearts – ah, science can be wildly strange! 
Get the inside scoop with a list of his favourite education programs at Spark! 

"When I was first asked about talking about some of my favourite education programs that we offer here at Spark, I must confess that I was a little bit lost in the woods since there is so much great programming. Despite my initial trepidation, I did come up with a short list of programs that really showcase the tremendous work that your science centre is bringing to the community: 


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Direct From the Operating Room, offered in partnership with AHS, allow students a chance to see a real live surgery! Not only do they get to ask the surgeon/nurse/anesthesiologist all of their questions, they get an immediate response while the surgery is happening. Can’t miss this one.

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Chevron Open Minds Science School is a real gem in the Calgary education scene providing students with a unique weeklong experience at Spark that is developed with teachers to more fully engage their students in learning outside of their schools. 

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Spark to Go is not only a semester’s worth of learning, it is pretty darn fun. This program gets students to make their own exhibits for showcasing at Spark in a Celebration of Learning, but the real learning happens when Spark staff and experts visit the students in their classroom to offer feedback on their designs and builds to help them along the way.

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Spark camps are some of the best in the city with campers always having a great time. Two of my favourites are definitely Jurassic Spark, about the much-loved extinct reptiles, and Nature Nuts, Spark’s take on a nature camp.


Shift Lab has been offering top tier educator professional learning for years. We’re changing the formula a bit this year to remove barriers and offer new exciting content, while still providing the great outcomes from before. 

There’s a lot of great things to see and do for children here at Spark, and I’ve barely scratched the surface! We are building some new and exciting experiences for all ages over the next few years, and we are looking forward to having you be a part of it! All aboard!" 

Good stuff, Zack!

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