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February 27, 2019
Posted By: TELUS Spark

CIRCUS! Lingo 

Exhibit 01

Test your knowledge of circus lingo at our amazing new exhibition, CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top.

Learn about the science behind language, how it evolves and is the product of cross-cultural influences. How do you think you will fare with our interactive circus lingo multiple choice quiz? Here’s a sample so you can study:


What is a “dukey?”

During the Golden Age of the circus, a “dukey run” referred to an extra long train trip the circus folks had to take to get to get from one town to the next. But a dukey? Is it…

A.) An exhausting, overnight work shift?

B.) A box lunch or sandwich?

C.) A fistfight between tired travellers?


Discover the rich tapestry of circus lingo at CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top running until June, 9 2019 at TELUS Spark.


CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top is included with General Admission or Membership to TELUS Spark.