Bring your wildest expectations

Step right up, the circus is in town! Discover the science under the big top. Explore the magnificent secrets behind mind-boggling acts and let your kids try some death-defying stunts. With over 20 interactive exhibits, CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top is packed with activities and wonderment for the whole family to enjoy.

*Elastic Acrobatics and the High Wire is open from 10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Up, up & away

Get bound by the laws of physics mid-air! Bounce, flip and discover for yourself the physicality of acrobatic acts.  

Twist & Bend

Explore the art of contortionism, get yourself into small spaces and find out if you can fold into a human pretzel.

Test Your Balance

Do you have what it takes? Ready, set and walk across a nine-foot highwire! 

Costume Tent

Calling all Instagrammers! Join the circus in the costume tent and snap some photos. Dress-up and make-believe as your favourite circus talent.

See it, Believe it!

Is it real or is it fake?  Explore the sideshow tent filled with carnival oddities, impossible feats and circus history.

Circus Skills

First the scarves, then the swords! Toss, catch and learn the art of juggling with math and science! Juggle balls, scarves and much more!.

Relive those fond childhood memories from the circus

Bring your family and create new circus memories. Satisfy your carnival cravings with circus inspired food at the Social Eatery, take a piece of circus home with you from the Spark Store, or enjoy one of our Adults Only Nights!

Social Eatery

Snack on classic circus delights and enjoy sweet treats from our circus robot at the Social Eatery.

Spark Store

The clowning around doesn’t end here! Visit our Spark Store for more circus oddities.

Adults Only Night

Be a big kid and experience CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top during our monthly  Adults Only Night experiences.

CIRCUS! Science Under the Big Top explores the physics, biology and history of circus through interactive activities and exhibits.

Bring your wildest expectations!

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