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Exhibit Coder

Position Description

Our Hack the Flock exhibit gives visitors the opportunity to learn and explore basic coding skills. Occasionally it will stop working and the computer will need to be reset before it can be used again. As our Exhibit Coder, you will make this process smoother and easier by helping to find a software-based solution allowing the screen to be reset quickly.


  • Schedule: The Exhibit coder will meet with the Exhibits Team bi-weekly for two hours before 10:00 a.m. or after 4:00 p.m.; the remainder of the project time is flexible.
  • Commitment: it's estimated the project will take 40-60 hours. Pacing is negotiable, but this project should be completed within four months.

Key Responsibilities

  • Help to find a software solution which allows the screen on our Hack the Flock exhibit to be reset quickly


  • System-level knowledge of Mac OSX
  • Experience working with AppleScripts
  • Familiarity with Arduino or user interfaces an asset


  • Police Check