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Adults Only Night Photography Volunteer


Every second Thursday of the month from 5:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., with other special events as needed / available.

Upcoming Themes for Adults Only Night: #ThrowbackThursday - June 8, 2017, I <3 Fried Food - July 13, 2017, Ka-Ching - August 10, 2017, Hack It - September 14, 2017, Crime and Punishment - October 12, 2017, Food and Chemistry - November 9, 2017, Greatest Hits - December 14, 2017

Position Description

Lights, camera, action!  This position is a great way to build on your photography experience and add to your portfolio.  Come experience the buzz of Adults Only Night at TELUS Spark as a new AON Volunteer Photographer.  This is an extremely important position, as we really want to document our events to allow us to better communicate what TELUS Spark has to offer to visitors. We also like to have a record of how things were set up and run to better train new facilitators on our programs and to learn from our success and mistakes. It is also a huge benefit if we can offer photos of events to external partners who participate, and post the photos to social media.

The Events Photography and Videography Volunteers will assist the content team by representing the organization at this event, and being an additional team member who can document the event for staff and visitors. 

Key Responsibilities

Adults Only Night Photography Volunteers will be contributing to the success of our Adults Only Night Programs by:

  • Arriving at 5:00 p.m.
  • Attending the All –Staff Briefing at 5:10 p.m. to hear about the night’s programs
  • Documenting staff and other volunteers in action –setting up, engaging visitors
  • Documenting cool, fun, exceptional, unique, epic, and interesting things that happen at the event
  • Documenting the various videos we show on the Atrium Screen during events.
  • Responding to gallery facilitator requests to document something at the event
  • Responding to visitor concerns regarding documentation and respecting caregiver requests that their children not be photographed/videoed
  • Staying until the end of the event to document take down
  • Sharing thoughts about the events occurrences, to assist us with further documentation
  • Wearing name tag and Spark shirt
  • Letting teammates and security know about any potential safety issues they see
  • Submitting digital copies of the photographs/video content to Spark within one week of the event, which will be provided to external partners for their use as well as posted on social media and used for TELUS Spark’s marketing and promotional purposes.


  • Professional level or skilled amateur level of photography skills.
  • Experience related to photography at events, particularly indoors.
  • Takes direction well, and takes initiative.
  • The full and busy nature of our events requires someone with a calm energy and that is able to stand and walk for 4 hours (comfortable footwear is encouraged)!
  • You should be friendly and ready to engage their subjects as well as able to make them comfortable.


  • Personal equipment
  • Police Check