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Adults Only Night Coding Hero


Flexible schedule.  Minimum requirement would be 2 four hour shifts per month.  Project can be completed at home or here at Spark, with monthly check-ins with the Adults Only Night Programmer.

Position Description

This is a great project for someone who loves coding and would like to help out an organization with their technical skills. There will be lots of room for you to suggest solutions and solve problems. This would also make a great capstone project for an individual in a computer science program, or a portfolio project for a web developer who is starting out.

The goal is to get information about Adults Only Night programs collected and kept in a format where it can be used as data – different information formats can be generated from the information. We hope to have information that can be pulled up based on criteria easily (any program lead by the University of Calgary, for example), and feedback about programs can be kept so it’s ready to pull up the best or most popular programs.


Key Responsibilities

  • Work with the Public Programmer to determine programming tasks for AON Database Project
  • Work with the existing code (Wordpress, PHP, MySQL database)
  • Complete programming tasks / tasks to make data entry and use as user-friendly as possible
  • Train the Public Programmer on work done so that she can still work with the codebase
  • Train other team members as needed, on the use of the wiki, inputting data and viewing/using data


  • This role requires a very specific skillset at a competent level of expertise:
  • PHP 5.4
  • Wordpress (current version: 4.6)
  • Currently using primarily the following plugins:
  • CMB2 - for custom field storage
  • Duplicate Post
  • Pods – for simple custom field and post type creation
  • Types – for some relationship management between post types.
  • Comfort with working on custom plugins
  • HTML/CSS (for front-end formatting)
  • The level of expertise required is that of a professional back-end web developer or computer science student familiar with these technologies.


  • Police Check