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Casino Volunteers

General Requirements for Casino Volunteers

  • Possess picture identification at all time during the casino event
  • Competent in handling money
  • Ability to maneuver though the casino facility for the duration of the shift
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age
  • Be able to pass a security clearance check
  • Must be available during June 18th and/or June 19th
  • If interested, please send an email to [email protected]

Volunteer Attributes and Conduct

  • Arrive on time for shift;
  • Sign in at the start of shift and out at the end of shift
  • Work the position specified on the Casino Volunteer Schedule
  • Wear a name tag while on duty showing your first or common name and position

Volunteer Positions

General Manager (All General Managers’ must complete the Casino Volunteer Worker Application)

The role of the general manager is to supervise all aspects of the casino, ensuring the casino is conducted according to CTCOG. The general manager works closely with the casino facility games manager

Banker (All Bankers’ must compete the Casino Volunteer Worker Application)

The role of the banker is to supervise the cash cage. This includes documenting all cash cage transactions, ensuring the security of the chips and cash in the cash cage, and holding the cashiers accountable for the chips and cash they manage while on duty. The banker reports to the general manager and is responsible for cashiers and chip runners.

Cashier (All Cashiers’ must complete the Casino Volunteer Worker Application)

The cashier's role is similar to a bank teller’s. The cashier interacts directly with casino players. Any transactions over $200 must be witnessed by the general manager, banker or cash cage advisor. The cashier reports to the banker and works with the general manager, banker, financial control supervisor, advisor, and casino players.

Chip Runner

The chip runner opens, distributes, maintains, and closes an inventory of chips and credits. The chip runner reports to the banker, and works with the general manager, banker, and gaming table personnel.

Count Room Supervisor (All Count Room Supervisors’ must fill out the Casino Volunteer Worker Application)

The count room supervisor is responsible for all count room staff and
procedures. The count room supervisor reports to the general manager, and works with the general manager and banker. This position is responsible for the sorter, counters, and amalgamation.

Count Room

Count room volunteers take on one of four possible jobs:

1. Sorter: Sorts all cash or chips by denomination

2. Counter: Counts the sorted cash or chips, by denomination

3. Recorder: Records the number of bills, coins, and chips counted

4. Amalgamator: Verifies the cash or chips counted and groups them into bundles and summarizes the cash and chips with the count room supervisor

If interested, please send an email to [email protected] by May 25, 2018