Material of the Season

Join us daily in the Creative Kids Museum from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. to explore this season's material through hands-on creativity.

These activities vary daily and are perfect for children under 9 to do with their caregivers.

All activities are included with membership or admission to TELUS Spark.


On Now


Now until mid-September

Everyday at 10:30 a.m. one of the activities below will be running the Creative Kids Museum*:

Toddler Exploration - Your little one will explore how different mixtures flow, move and mix in the toddler space by interacting with our sensory bottles. Any new piece of sensory information helps young brains grow and these sensory bottles contain many things to discover.

Chemical Reactions - Through open-ended exploration and mixing and combining different ingredients, your children will investigate chemical reactions and solutions. Practicing observation, making hypotheses and testing them are key skills for young scientists.

Sensory Clay - We will make our own play dough together; changing common ingredients into something new. Together, we'll explore the scents of spices and see how they change our play dough. Engaging multiple senses can help deepen learning. 

Textured Paint - Your kids will rethink how we use this common art medium by mixing various materials into paint. They'll create interesting visual textures all while learning new ways to use paint by changing its properties. 

Imagination Soup - Pour, scoop, and stir! Your kids will add ingredients, mix them together, and create their own imagination soup. This open-ended play will light up young learners imaginations. 

Every Saturday at 10:30 a.m.

Making Crayon - Using leftover crayons and oil pastels, your kids will melt them down and make our own new colours and interestingly shaped crayons. Young kids can practice safely using real tools and see what happens when you make something new from something old.

*Activities change daily and are chosen based on the frequency of an activity, resourcing and the number of visitors in the gallery. 

Coming Up



Weave your way through this month's Material of the Season. Construct, deconstruct and recombine fabrics while using real tools. Develop real skills and express imagination in new ways.



Plastic is everywhere. Explore how to change plastics in the world around us. Making a change to a material, even a small one, can inspire creativity.