Material of the Season

Join us daily in the Creative Kids Museum from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. to explore this season's material through hands-on creativity.

These activities vary daily and are perfect for children under 9 to do with their caregivers.

All activities are included with membership or admission to TELUS Spark.


On now until February


Would you rather build a tower using tissue paper or cardboard? Even though these materials seem very different, they have a lot in common. Come explore the many ways you can be creative using this month’s Material of the Season, paper.

Every day at 10:30 a.m. one of the activities below will be running the Creative Kids Museum*:

Cardboard City Mini: What’s in your city? We’re getting creative with cardboard and tools to create a collaborative miniature city. Using our imaginations for this project, we’ll also practice tool use and develop spatial reasoning and fine motor skills.

Cardboard Forts: Forts aren’t just fun to hide in; building a fort challenges our brains to solve new problems, think in 3-dimensions, and practice spatial reasoning. We’ll build off of one another’s ideas as we construct a large fort using real tools. 

Black Light Paper Mosaics: Black lights can reveal something interesting about paper. Using UV reactive paper, we’ll be creating individual mosaics. Discover how this unique material gets it glow while expressing your ideas through art and play.

Paper Outfits: Even the most ordinary materials can create something unique when we think innovatively. Discover the amazing potential of recycled newspaper and butcher paper as we reimagine these materials to construct magnificent outfits for TELUS Spark’s Facilitators.

Ghost Mud: Toilet paper, soap and water can create a playful sensory experience. Get messy as you mix and squish these materials to make ghost mud. This open-ended exploration encourages your imagination to run wild!

Just for toddlers: Every Thursday at 10:30 a.m.

Toddler Exploration: Toddlers build their brains when they use their senses to explore and interact. Using paper – and lots of it – we’ll create a sensory-rich environment for our littlest visitors to explore the textures and sounds of this material.

*Activities change daily and are chosen based on the frequency of an activity, resourcing and the number of visitors in the gallery. 

Upcoming Material of the Season

Liquids: March - June 2018

Fabrics: July - October 2018

Plastics: November - February 2019