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Team Builders

Team builders are a great learning experience for any team. Challenge your team to work and think together with an innovation-based team building program at TELUS Spark. We make sure our team builders are fun and engaging so your team can strengthen problem-solving skills and find opportunities to overcome challenges.

Let us plan a fun event for you. Combine your team builder or corporate group activity with add-ons like catering, a private meeting room or Adults Only Night to complete your overall package.  

Please call 403.817.6804 or email [email protected] for more information.


Team Builder Options



Remember your favourite game from when you were a kid? Get ready to roll up your sleeves, channel your inner child and design one of your own! In this session, you’ll utilize creative problem solving techniques to design a playful solution to a user experience challenge. Working together, create a prototype of a game and watch your design come to life.  With our hands-on approach to designing and building, your team will learn more about each other as they laugh, play and create. Using unique tools and rethinking simple, everyday materials, you’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone and familiar patterns of working behavior into an innovation mindset. 

Think this is just for fun? Think again! All of our team builder experiences incorporate activities that contribute to employee engagement and the development of soft skills that foster high performance teams.  Your team will have opportunities to develop the following skills:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Rethinking traditional approaches
  • User experience / Human-centred design
  • Empathy
  • Physical prototyping
  • Idea evolution 

At the end of each team builder, time is provided for your team to debrief and reflect on how the skills practiced above can be transferred back to your daily business practice and place of work.

  • Group: Min 16 / Max 50 People
  • Time: 2 – 3 hrs (avg. 2.5)
  • Price: $60 per person


Design, build and showcase original inventions out of unique materials found behind the scenes at TELUS Spark. This is a lively, collaborative and hands-on team builder. No previous design experience required. Your team will dive into their creative side by applying conceptual and technical skills to a shared challenge. All teams will have the opportunity to showcase their brainchild, reflect on their innovation process and celebrate successful risk-taking.

  • Group: Min 10 / Max 30
  • Time: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Price: $60 per person


During this hands-on experience your group will work in teams to design, build, and modify their own mini-pipeline. No prior pipeline experience is required. Each team will have limited supplies and, guided by a facilitator, will take on random challenges during the time allowed. During the final stage of this challenge, each team will test their pipeline for the moment of truth.

  • Group: Min 16 / Max 60
  • Time: 1.5 - 2 hours
  • Price: $60 per person

"Our team took part in the pipeline building challenge and found it to be a great event! The facilitators were dynamic and the Spark staff were very helpful during the booking process leading up to the event."


Join one of our facilitators for a scavenger hunt through the galleries at TELUS Spark. Your team will be divided into groups and then set free for a hands-on exploration of our exhibit galleries. Special activities in each gallery will challenge teams to collaborate, experiment and take a few risks, earning points along the way. The scavenger hunt concludes with a facilitator-led wrap-up that will highlight group contributions and accomplishments.

  • Group: Min 15 / Max 70
  • Time: 1.5 hours
  • Price: $35 per person 

Ideal for youth groups and sports teams too.

Team Builder Package Add-Ons

  • Food and beverage options are available from our full catering menu. Catering services provided by Charbar. Room rental required.
  • The daily parking rate is $5 per vehicle. Prepaid parking is available.

Organizing a social group visit?

Save as much as $5 per person with our special group rates for general admission. Discounted rates are available with the purchase of 15 or more tickets. Share with your employees, friends, family or host a unique group event at TELUS Spark. Group tickets are valid for admission during any of our operating hours, including our ever-popular Adults Only Night.

Please call 403.817.6804 or email [email protected] to purchase.

"TELUS Spark is an amazing place to host any team building event. The venue brings you back to remembering when you were a child by creating hands-on scavenger tasks that involve your entire team."