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Off the Grid

Adults Only Night: Off the Grid

January 12, 2017 
6:00-10:00 p.m.

Galleries and activities: 6:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.
Bar Last Call: 
9:30 p.m.

Sometimes people go off the grid and disconnect from all the "modern conveniences" by choice - and there are situations in which the grid goes and down and kicks us off. Explore some ways of being off-grid with us at Adults Only Night!

6:00-9:30 plus Presentation at 7:00 | Get Prepped with the Calgary Emergency Management Association 

The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) - the organization that helps all of us be prepped for the unexpected - are here to give us some insight into the "set it and forget it" things you can do to make an off-the-grid experience less harrowing. They're doing a presentation in our Inspiration Stage at 7pm and will be hanging out with us all evening.

8:00 | Late Night at Spark

We're trying a whole new format at Adults Only Night for Off The Grid - a TELUS Spark Late Show. We'll be trying a few off-the-grid related things, as well as some comedy inspired by the likes of the Colbert Report and Jimmy Fallon.

6:00-9:30 | Reasons to be Prepared

The Calgary Zombie Survivalist Group is a club whose motivation for being prepared is hopefully not something we'll be seeing anytime soon: the zombie apocalypse. They'll be working with you to develop your survival skills. Practice up so that you'll be prepared for zombies, but these skills might come in handy under other circumstances.

6:00-9:30 | Off-Grid Energy? with SAIT School of Manufacturing and Automation

The SAIT School of Manufacturing and Automation works on a lot of energy-related projects. Join them to get hands-on with some demos of how energy is generated, and learn a bit more about how to get power from off of the grid.


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