Board of Directors Announces the Departure of President & CEO of TELUS Spark, Jennifer Martin.

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The Board of Directors of TELUS Spark announces that Jennifer Martin will leave her role as President and CEO of TELUS Spark on June 15, 2018. Jennifer joined the organization eleven years ago and has led it as President and CEO since 2008 with vision and commitment. 

Jennifer led the transformation of TELUS World of Science in the Centennial Planetarium to the 21st century science centre, TELUS Spark.  When TELUS Spark opened in October 2011 it was the first new science centre to be built in Canada in over 25 years.  Jennifer led the organization through building design and fabrication, new exhibit development and installation, and the introduction of ground-breaking programs like Adults Only Night.

Most recently, Brainasium the outdoor risk-and-play experiences that were completed in 2015, have garnered global attention for their unique opportunity to allow children to push their boundaries and challenge their own capabilities.

Jennifer and the Board are extremely proud of the TELUS Spark team, and recognize these talented and dedicated individuals as key to the successes over the exciting start-up period of the past 6 years. Many of our professional staff are becoming the civic leaders of our future, and we are thrilled to see them and this wonderful organization grow even further.

Jennifer’s passion to use play as a means for “kids” of all ages to engage, build, learn and take risks is an enduring legacy of her TELUS Spark leadership. Her vision for the TELUS Spark building that opened in 2011 has initiated the journey for the organization to become an important part of the Calgary, Alberta and Canadian communities for wide-ranging discussions. The Board wishes Jennifer continued success in her future endeavours.

The Board has appointed Barry Crean, the current Chief Operating Officer, as interim President/CEO to succeed Jennifer.  Barry has previously held this role, once for a number of months. The Board is currently launching a search for the next permanent President/CEO of TELUS Spark.

A celebration for Jennifer’s leadership at TELUS Spark is being planned for June 15th, with details to follow.