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SHIFT Lab Conference

SHIFT Lab Conference

Join curious educators at the hands-on, discussion-based SHIFT Lab conference. Engage in dialogues around critical issues in the classroom and your practice. Be a learner while exploring themes of design thinking, making/tinkering, inquiry, and innovation in education.

Discussion sessions begin with introductions on an idea and grow with guiding questions. Then, dig a little deeper with hands-on explorations.

Registration for the 2018 Conference is now open!

When: February 15, 2018

Where: TELUS Spark, Calgary's Science Centre

Who: Open to all educators, administrators, and people curious about adding an innovative edge to their practice.

Cost: $130. Space is limited. 

Educators and administrators from all backgrounds are encouraged to attend and contribute to the learning. The conference will have 12 sessions covering all division areas; topics include Maker Education, Inquiry and Design Thinking, among others. Sessions are developed and led by the educators from various backgrounds and school districts across central and southern Alberta and are currently in the middle of their learning with TELUS Spark.

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