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Tips for Visiting on a Busy Day - Part 2: Advice from the Experts

May 28, 2016
Posted By: TELUS Spark
There are tons of exhibits and experiences at TELUS Spark, so it can be hard to catch everything in one visit, especially if you take in a show or activity. In this blog post (the second one in the ‘Tips for visiting on busy days’ blog series), staff and volunteers have compiled their advice for visitors who want to make the most of each visit.
Spread out: Play and Learn EVERYWHERE

“You don’t have to start in a certain place, or do things in a certain order.  Spread out, look through the entire building, there’s lots to do.  When you get to TELUS Spark (if it’s your first time here), you could do a quick run through of the whole building to figure out where you want to start and then make your game plan from there. Don’t miss the second floor exhibits, The Brainasium or our daily Atrium activities!”

 – Nathan F, Facilitator

“Head out to The Brainaisium - there's lots of room to play on the log jam with dozens of other visitors, but my favorite thing is to come up with my own games on the grassy hills along the perimeter. This kind of play provides the opportunity for building all kinds of physical and mental muscle, which you can learn more about on the nearby signs around the park."

– Kat D, Exhibit Developer

 “All of our exhibits are built for adults, too.  Dig in, get your hands dirty, and play!”

– Corrine D & Cindy L, Guest Services Representatives

Check out the daily activities, chat with the facilitation staff, & learn something new

“Our website lists all of our daily activities  – everything from live science demonstrations, drop-in activities and games, workshops with real tools or artistic experience. There’s a lot happening every day that is included in your general admission ticket, along with our exhibits.”

 – Jolee C, Daily Programs Manager

“If you have any questions about the exhibits, ask the Facilitators working in the galleries.  If they don’t know the answer, they’ll find someone who does.  Also try asking them what their favorite exhibit is, and why.”

 - Nathan F, Facilitator

“We are here to help, but we are also here to explore with you.  We are as interested in trying something new, building something extraordinary and having fun with new ideas as you are.  We don’t have all the answers, but we’re always excited to experiment with you and figure it out.”

 – Danielle B, Facilitator

Getting around, sticking together, and other logistics

“Some parents dress their kids in something very identifiable, like a Batman costume or a neon shirt.  That way, you can describe your kids’ clothing specifically (it makes it easier for us to help you find them, if you get separated).  Or, take a picture of your group when you arrive, so you know exactly what everybody was wearing.  Decide on a meeting place in case anyone in your group gets lost – like the red chairs in the Atrium.  If you do happen to lose a family member, approach any staff member and we will immediately spring into action to help you (we are very good at finding people).”

 – Steve C, Guest Services Manager

“Your ticket has in-and-out privileges.  You can exit the main building space (back through the Lobby) and go to the Dome Theatre, to the lockers, or out to your car to grab a water bottle or something – and you are welcome back in easily.  Just hang on to your ticket stub; it’s valid for the whole day.”

 – Brenna B, Exhibit Gallery Volunteer

“If you are visiting with younger children, bring a spare set of clothing.  They’ll love the water tables in the Creative Kids Museum, and even with the available smocks in the area, they’ll still find a way to get wet.”

– Jolee Coulter, Daily Programs Manager

No matter how you choose to spend your day at TELUS Spark, there’s something for everyone.

Planning on visiting more than twice this year? We recommend you purchase a membership. Enjoy the freedom to visit as many times as you want within a year and numerous other benefits.