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Tips for Visiting on a Busy Day - Part 1: Avoiding Line-ups

May 26, 2016
Posted By: TELUS Spark
Are you planning to visit on a long weekend, Signature Event weekend, PD Day, or a “rainy day”?  Don’t fear the crowds, because our front-line staff and volunteers have some helpful tips on ways to enjoy your visit on a busy day.

“Approach your visit to TELUS Spark like a “choose your own adventure”.  There’s so many different ways to experience TELUS Spark, and you get to make your own decisions about how to do that.  If something isn’t interesting to you, or if it’s too busy, or too loud, then just skip it. You won’t gain much by focusing just on ‘doing all the things’. But you’ll have a truly great visit if you focus on doing the things you’re most excited about, and spending as much time there as you’d like. You know yourself best, and it’s ok if not everything is equally interesting to you. People like different things!”

 – Meghan D, Public Programmer

“On our website there is a chart that shows how many school field trip groups are coming to TELUS Spark (on weekdays), so if there is a day when there is over 400 school kids here, that might be a day when you might want to come after 2:00pm, since that’s when school groups leave and things quiet down a little bit.  On the weekends, it tends to be a little quieter first thing in the morning, and later in the afternoon.”

 - Sharon C, Call Centre Agent

“Buying tickets online  allows you to avoid the line-ups at our Guest Services desk.  You can go right to our ticket scanners, and they can scan tickets that have been printed from home – or they can scan your digital ticket barcode right from your mobile device.  This is incredibly helpful for visitors coming on busy holidays or Adults Only Night.”

- Sharon C, Call Centre Agent

“Avoid line-ups at exhibits by jumping in to play and engage with other guests, and make some new friends!  Our exhibits are designed so that you can collaborate with others, and a lot of learning happens when you start thinking about problems together, and start asking the “what if” questions… like “What if we build this tower at an angle?”  It’s THAT kind of discovery that has real value, and it only happens if you take time and collaborate together.”

– Brenna B, Exhibit Gallery Volunteer

“There are lots of places to eat your lunch and snacks.  You can bring outside food into TELUS Spark – the outdoor Brainasium has some great picnic spots, our indoor café has lots of tables and chairs, you can even eat in the Atrium and watch all the action there.  Please no food and drinks in the galleries, though, as we want to keep our exhibits (and visitors) clean and safe.”

– Danielle B, Facilitator

Phew! It is hard to include all of our tips but we hope these little tidbits will help you to plan ahead and have a great time during your visit. If you have any questions prior to your visit, contact us at [email protected] (or 403.817.6800) and we will be happy to help you.

Stay tuned for part two of this series on visitor tips.